Genuine Coil Master Build Mat

The Coil Master Full Sized Building Mat is the ultimate desk and workstation solution that features a large surface working surface area that allows users to effectively protect and organise their working surfaces. At a MASSIVE 83.82 CM x 38.1 CM (33 in x 15 in) and  featuring an anti slip backing, the Coil Master Building Mat stays put when it matters, whether it's building or tweaking your atomisers and mods, or with general use for a keyboard and mouse. With plenty of room, a stylish look, and ample size, the Coil Master Full Sized Building Mat is an elegant and affordable solution for builders.

Product Features:
  • Anti Slip Backing
  • Large Surface Area for Building
    • Can Double As a Mouse and Desk Pad
    • Absorbs Minor Liquid Spills
    • Resistant to Cuts and Minor Damage