U4EA Extreme Flavour Concentrates

U4EA is The Vape Places's very own brand!  
(Pronounced as 'Euphoria') our U4EA concentrates are the highest quality food grade flavours available and all non-tobacco flavours are 100% made in Australia.

Flavour concentrates cannot be used straight!! they need to be mixed into your e-liquid base (PG & VG)

For making your own e-liquids using U4EA concentrates, you can find our Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol  here

U4EA Flavour concentrates are the perfect choice for mixing or blending your own e-liquids!The intensity requirement of flavour in your e-Liquid can be a very personal choice!With U4EA flavour concentrates you can control the intensity of flavour in your e-Liquid by adding more or less  concentrate to your base mix. You can also experiment and mix different U4EA flavour concentrates together to get unique flavours for your tastebuds. 

The amount of concentrate required varies from person to person but generally ranges from 5%-20% of your mix.
You can download more information on mixing ratios for U4EA concentrates here 
All our flavours listed below are manufactured in Australia.
We are always adding to our range of concentrates so check back regularly!