Firefly Herb Vaporizer

This vaporizer uses a replaceable, high-powered Lithium-Ion battery that reaches a full charge in 45 minutes. You can even buy a spare and charge both for when you’re on the go, so you’ll never be caught out with a flat.

The Firefly heats INSTANTLY, for instant gratification (the best kind) and can reach a maximum temperature of 204°C. Designed with dynamic convection heating, it can deliver the full range of desirable flavours and active ingredients for an experience that tastes, smells and feels good.

The Firefly's heating element uses a revolutionary new coil, different to the industry-standard nickel/chromium alloy. Both creators developed nickel allergies during the testing process, so they sought a friendlier, more durable material to eliminate this possible harm for users. Don’t ask them what it is made out of though; they’re keeping it a tightly sealed trade secret!

Through every stage of the design process, the Firefly has been built to last.  It’s so simple to use you could hand it straight to dear old Nan.

With its ease of use, durability and sleek aluminium chassis that fits in your hand and feels like a warm river stone, the Firefly vaporizer is a device to tempt portable vapour connoisseurs everywhere!