PG - Propylene Glycol USP/EP (Pharmaceutical Grade)

Our Propylene Glycol (PG) USP/EP is a pharmaceutical grade of Mono-propylene Glycols (PG or MPG) with a specified purity greater than 99.8% and is suitable for use in the manufacture of:

  • eLiquids (for personal vapourizers/atomizers) 
  • Bath and shower products 
  • Perfumes and colognes
  • Baby care products (baby wipes)
  • Hand cleansing and disinfecting gels
  • Colour cosmetics (eyeliner, lipsticks, etc)
  • Dental care (mouth washes and toothpastes)

  • Propylene glycol USP/EP (pharmaceutical grade) is the ideal carrier of a large variety of flavours that give most of today's food and beverage their distinctive taste: The substance itself is colour-, taste- and odourless, and it does not react on its own, which means that it can perform its function without impacting on other product attributes. It has been confirmed as safe and hygienic, and provides unique inherent properties with regard to holding/attracting both water- and oil-based substances. In food it is used to retain food colour pigments and distribute them evenly within the mixture.

    Propylene glycol USP/EP (pharmaceutical grade) has been approved for use as a food additive under the E-number E 1520. In direct food contact it is mainly used as solvent and carrier of flavour or colour in the food and beverage manufacturing processes, to make drinks, biscuits, cakes, sweets, thickener, clarifier and stabiliser in food and beverage such as beer, salad dressings or baking mixtures 


    If you are wondering what USP and BP are:

    USP:  is a scientific nonprofit organization that sets public standards for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of medicines. The first United States Pharmacopeia (USP) was published in 1820, and began as a “recipe” book to promote uniformity in the drugs prepared and dispensed by practitioners to their patients


    BP: The British Pharmacopoeia is the national pharmacopoeia of the United Kingdom. It is an annually published collection of quality standards for UK medicinal substances. It is used by individuals and organisations involved in pharmaceutical research, development, manufacture and testing

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