U4EA PG / VG Pre-Mixed e-Liquid Base

Pre-mixed eLiquid Base - Your choice of ratio Mix!

 As the VG ratio increases you might need to add some distilled/deionised water or pure alcohol to make the base less viscous.    

The most attractive advantage of mixing your own eLiquids yourself is that you can adjust the flavour strength according to your requirements and taste. 

Flavour strength is the main advantage of making your own e-Liquid. There are so many flavours available on the market, and it is just a matter of finding your favourite flavour. Most of our concentrated flavours are also PG-based, so PG again is the main component.     

You can find our full range of Extreme Flavour Concentrates here


Tip: The higher the VG ratio the more 'smoke' and sweeter the taste....but...shorter life of your Atomizer or coil
       The higher the PG ratio the more throat 'hit' and less sweeter the taste