Premium Menthol Crystals 100% Natural

These crystals will give you a pure menthol aroma and bite in your vape (even if you're just adding a little edge to another flavor!) This is best dissolved in either pure grain alcohol or crushed into a small amount of PG before adding it to your final mix so that it blends properly.

Menthol crystals are used in many food applications where a cooling menthol flavour is required. Menthol crystals are random sized, needle like, solid and with a very strong peppermint aroma.    

Keep the container well sealed and away from direct sunlight and heat to maintain the product in its best condition. This product is pharmaceutical grade and is 100% pure.

Recommended usage is a 10% solution consisting of 1 gram menthol crystals to 10ml Propylene Glycol or Ethyl Alcohol. Use the 10% solution as you would any other concentrated flavoring. Solubility in Propylene Glycol is up to 50% and solubility in alcohol is greater than 100%.

Shelf Life:  24 months stored properly

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