Tobacco Flavour Concentrates (0% Nicotine) Imported

All the flavours available here are imported and of very high quality with great taste and are ideal for replacing traditional tobacco when mixing or blending your own e-liquids!
The intensity requirement of flavour in your e-Liquid can be a very personal choice!
With our flavour concentrates you can control the intensity of flavour in your e-Liquid by adding more or less concentrate to your Base. 
Please note that due to legalities in using proprietary brand name our flavours may have similar sounding names only.
You can also experiment and mix different flavour concentrates together to get unique flavours for your tastebuds. 
The amount of concentrate required varies from person to person but generally ranges from 5%-20% of your mix.

We often get asked which is the 'best' tobacco flavour and people are surprised to hear that, whilst the name may sound a little misleading, our favourite is 'Frenchman's Pipe' which has a full bodied rich tobacco flavour. 

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