Uwell AMULET Pod Kit

From the makers of the stunning and hugely popular Caliburn comes a brand new, never before seen pod kit: the Uwell Amulet! It's basically a Caliburn on your wrist, and it's freaking amazing.

The Amulet is very interesting. Ever been frustrated that maybe, just maybe, there's a better place to store your vape on your person? Not a pocket, or a bag, or even a jacket, but... your wrist? That's entirely what you can look forward to, with the world's first digital clock and vape device right here!

Simply strap on, and mount the kit into the cradle and you've got the easiest and one of the most discreet devices around. It's also fully rotatable for maximum comfort on the wrist. The Amulet is nice and light also, about as heavy as a comparable watch, thanks in part to the 2ml capacity and 370mah battery.

The Amulet has no buttons to vape with, simply pop it out of the watch cradle, draw air through the tip and you're away. The Amulet has a very similar vape to the Caliburn, in part due to pro-FOCS tech shared by both making sure all your liquid per hit is vaporised. Plus, the Amulet even has dust protection built into the circuit board, so don't worry about it getting too exposed to your daily life.

Stop staring at the clock! The Amulet is poised to be insanely popular, just like its big brother Cali, and the stock won't last long. Stay on time and grab an Amulet today!