Uwell WHIRL Tank

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We've been very keen on these tanks for a while. In fact, you'd be hard pressed at one point to find a MTL'er in the store that wasn't using a Whirl tank from Uwell!

As usual, Uwell's quality machining and construction comes to the fore. The Whirl has that excellent, easy plug and pull coil installation system making the process beyond a breeze. The top fill is a simple half twist off with generous kidney holes.

The airflow is constructed with five dots, allowing plenty of options for the discerning vaper wanting plenty or minimal restriction on their intake. A 3.5ml capacity in such a low profile tank in our experience delivers god tier flavour, hence the rampant rave reviews this tank receives!

Of course, it wouldn't be a Uwell without standout coils coming to the fore, and the Whirl coils are no exception. Choose between the higher wattage 0.6ohm for a restricted DL hit or the super restricted 1.8ohm for a truly authentic MTL experience.