VapCell 20700 3200mAh 30A Battery

Please Note - Each Battery is Sold Individually 

Vapcell INR Gold 20700 3200mAh 30A Battery
Vapcell 20700 is a battery with 30A high constant discharge current and 3200mAh capacity. The Vapcell 20700 battery can be recharged and is large enough to run various high drain devices. This battery is rated by Mooch as being a great performing high drain 30A 2700 battery.


Official specifications:

Model: NCR20700

Size: 20.0*70.2mm

Nominal voltage: 3.6V

End-of-charge voltage: 4.20V

End-of-discharge Voltage: 2.50V

Typical Capacity: 3200mAh (0.2C discharge)

Min capacity: 3100mAh (0.2C discharge)

Weight: Max:60g

Internal resistance: Max:10mOhm

Standard Charge: 2000mA,CCCV 50mA cut-off

Charging Time: 3hours(standard charge)

Quick Charge Current: 4000mA

Max Continuous Discharge Current: 30000mA